How To Reduce Costs In Logistics Operations Through FOS Desk?

How To Reduce Costs In Logistics Operations Through FOS Desk


The smooth operation of an efficient logistic infrastructure is an opportunity that drives any business to success because it facilitates the flow of commodities from production sites to the customer. Undoubtedly, managing logistics is quietly a difficult job, because, on the one hand, it requires the completion of many tasks, whereas on the other hand, it includes shipment registration, export and import documentation, and many more.

We are living in a competitive business environment, where businesses require reliable assistance in helping them to put in order the logistics operations and earn profits. This is where exactly the FOS Desk the Logistics BPO partner, comes to help. It provides a wide range of services that are professionally developed to meet the specific demands of businesses. These services are put in place to ensure that logistics management is simple and effective, despite its complexity.

The Various Services Of The FOS Desk

End-to-End Customer Service

In FOS Desk, customers are rendered all-around service by our dedicated skilled labor, who not only physically handle warehousing and storage management but also make it their business to generate Reports of Daily Status (DSR) in real-time. Our service saves time and effort for the companies as they don’t need to worry about the logistical documentation just trust us for the quality outcome.

Shipment Registration

Transparently using advanced technologies such as Freight forwarder ERPs, CargoWise One, and Transportation Management Systems (TMS), the FOS Desk renders shipment registration to businesses as simple as moving things. It implies that the process of registering cargo no longer needs to be difficult and companies can easily follow the shipping of their goods. 

Exports Documentation

It is known among the traders that preparing export documents can be a tasking operation however, the professionals at the FOS Desk have the experience to smooth the process. We help to generate master bills and house bills as well as SI furnishes and deal with all export documentation requirements, and the businesses can concentrate on other important operation matters without any further delays. 

Imports Documentation

Importing products may bring some difficulties, however, the FOS Desk is the one that will help you to complete the whole process smoothly through import documentation. Our team works 24/7 to perform Arrival /Departure notices, delivery orders, and Cartage/Drayage notices. As a result, all organizations may avoid the storage fees that come with imported cargo. 

Manifest Filing

Among other things, the FOS Desk crew works hard to ensure that the manifest filing is done smoothly in terms of AMS and ISF. We can help our clients by completing the assessment and filing tasks for their business domestically using a straightforward approach. 

Customs Entry

The FOS Desk personnel will be available to advise you through the Customs clearance procedure, no matter how complex it becomes. We assist organizations in mastering complex supply chain management, from pushing users and dealing with various sorts of accounts payable in engagement with future customs authorities.


FOS Desk provides a full-time presence to enterprises that want to monitor their logistics operations in real-time by tracking. For example, by providing real-time information and delay notifications, it guarantees that the business has complete awareness of the cargo entrusted to the carrier. In this way, our round-the-clock monitoring services keep businesses up to date on the status of their shipping items at all times.

Pickup & Delivery

FOS Desk not only provides attention and care but also handles all types of pickup and delivery activities such as Flatbed & Transloading and USA/Canada Drayage. We collaborate with prominent organizations and carriers to ensure that goods are picked up and delivered accurately and without delay and that business customers do not have to worry about their essential activities. 

AR/AP Invoice Posting

Our well-experienced team is capable of quickening the accounting procedures of companies and diminishing the chances of making errors through account receivables and account payables invoice posting.

Account Receivables

We guarantee timely account receivables input with allocation, receipt submission, and statement creation in assisting businesses to see their financial status in time.

Account Payables

These account payables processes are performed at our fully automated location that facilitates relying on the vendor’s SOA reconciliation, cash flow planning, and invoice processing, and that simplifies the management of account payables and assists the businesses.

Pricing & Tariff Maintenance

Services like tariff management and pricing are available on the FOS Desk, assisting companies in creating economical arrangements for their shipments and goods. It provides an affordable end-to-end transportation option.

Quality Desk

When it comes to prioritizing cost-effectiveness, the FOS Desk never compromises on quality. We maintain high standards by conducting thorough checks on AP and AR invoices, ensuring that businesses receive the best possible service.

SOP Development

Through our in-depth Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), the FOS Desk provides businesses with consistent and high-quality performance. From verified SOPs for the logistics and supply chain management sectors to expert consultations, we help businesses optimize their logistics operations effectively.


Finally, when it comes to logistics operations, the FOS Desk is a shining example of dependability and efficiency. We often seek to lower the expenses associated with documentation procedures and simplify the difficulties of logistics management by providing a full range of customized services to match the various demands of businesses. We try to exceed our client’s expectations and give tangible value through end-to-end customer service, thorough tracking, and quality assurance. 

Take pride in working with FOS Desk, a trustworthy partner who provides consistent assistance and new solutions to optimize logistics operations. Because of our dedication to quality and proficiency in logistics services, organizations may improve productivity, increase growth, and simplify execution.

Are you prepared to enjoy the advantages of logistics operations that are simplified?

Increase your chances of cost savings and operational excellence by partnering with the FOS Desk right now. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help your business prosper in the ever-growing field of logistics.