The Warehousing Team at the FOS Desk resolves inventory and system issues at Loxpo’s warehouse

The Warehousing Team at the FOS Desk resolves inventory and system issues at Loxpo's warehouse


FOS Desk finds a method to say yes by stepping in and assisting with inventory and system issues at the Loxpo warehouse. This American-based business has branches in Germany and France. Let’s look closer at the inventory and warehouse management concerns that Loxpo company experienced and how FOS Desk solved them.

Over the past year, our team has been successfully implementing strategies and efforts to increase productivity and streamline operations in our warehouse facilities. However, the FOS Desk’s footwork is unique.

Warehouse Manager

Challenges Faced

FOS Desk is the world’s leading provider of transportation, warehousing, fulfillment, global logistics, technology, and supply chain solutions provider. In July 2023, Loxpo, a US-based aircraft parts supplier, approached the FOS Desk with a warehousing challenge.

In January, the customer moved into a new 550,000-square-foot warehouse to manage product storage and fulfillment. Only a few months after starting operations, the customer began to experience inventory difficulties and incorrect reporting in their warehouse management system. So they called the FOS Desk to resolve the issue.


  • The FOS Desk, with its expert personnel on hand, made them work on-site at the client warehouse until the problems were found and resolved. To get started, the FOS Desk team divided the project into three stages.
  • The first phase involved determining the root cause of the problem. The FOS Desk discovered that the warehouse’s rotational temporary workers were not adequately trained to use the WMS, and inventory was not correctly tagged or scanned into the system as it arrived or departed the warehouse.
  • The second phase of the process involves traveling through the warehouse and re-scanning every piece of inventory. As packages were scanned, the team identified any products that were not in their right location. After the inventory was accounted for and problems were identified.
  • The third phase involved moving all of the marked inventory to the correct location and completely re-staging the product. In addition, the wrongly tagged goods were sorted by location codes.
  • To make it easier to identify and locate each item, tags were also put on the pallets’ various positions. The team then made the necessary updates to the client’s WMS to reflect the real inventory levels.


With FOS Desk’s quick response time and warehousing expertise, the customer now has complete and accurate visibility into their inventory levels. The warehouse is divided into sections so that warehouse workers can quickly scan, identify, and pull things from the appropriate areas.

The FOS Desk staff will ensure the foreseeable future until the customer is comfortable with the system and processes that have been implemented. FOS Desk is continuing to strengthen its relationship with the customer and is ready to assist with any new supply chain concerns. FOS Desk was able to use its capable spirit to help Loxpo resolve its inventory challenges in a few days.

Are you experiencing similar warehouse challenges? Allow FOS Desk’s experienced team to guide you through error-free operations and excellent inventory management. Contact us today to turn your warehouse challenges into success stories.