Simplifying Logistics Documentation: How EverMove Reduced Errors by 78% with FOS Desk

Simplifying Logistics Documentation How EverMove Reduced Errors by 78% with FOS Desk

Company Overview

EverMove Logistics, a leading Australian logistics company, excels in the supply chain and transportation industry. Known for its customer satisfaction and operational excellence, EverMove provides innovative and reliable logistics solutions. The company aims to Simplify processes for efficient international trade and supply chain management to meet import and export demands.

Partnering with the FOS Desk Logistics BPO transformed our documentation process. We’ve reduced errors by 78% and significantly improved compliance and efficiency. This collaboration has greatly enhanced our operations.

Director of Logistics

Challenges Faced

EverMove faced several challenges with import and export documentation:

  1. Complex Documentation: Managing customs forms, tariffs, and certificates of origin requires expert knowledge.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Keeping up with constant regulatory changes led to frequent fines and shipment delays due to non-compliance.
  3. High Volume of Paperwork: The large amount of paperwork in international trade created a resource investigation, leading to errors and omissions.
  4. Operational Inefficiencies: The time-consuming task of documentation hindered resource allocation and operational efficiency.

To overcome these challenges, EverMove sought a specialized logistics BPO service provider and partnered with FOS Desk after thorough research.


FOS Desk implemented specific solutions to address EverMove’s documentation challenges:

  1. Expert Team Deployment: A team of skilled logistics experts, knowledgeable in customs forms, tariffs, certificates of origin, and regulatory requirements, was deployed. This team ensured accurate and proper documentation, reducing the risk of fines and shipment delays.
  2. Advanced Document Management System: FOS Desk introduced a modern document management system specifically to EverMove’s needs. This system simplified the paperwork associated with international trade, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency.
  3. Resource Allocation Optimization: The simplified documentation process allowed EverMove to allocate resources more effectively, boosting operational efficiency.
  4. Continuous Support and Guidance: The FOS Desk provided ongoing support and guidance, ensuring EverMove stayed updated with regulatory changes and maintained high documentation standards.


With FOS Desk’s solutions, EverMove achieved the following benefits:

  1. 78% Reduction in Documentation Errors: Significantly fewer errors in import and export documentation.
  2. 65% Reduction in Non-Compliance Issues: Better commitment to regulatory requirements, reducing fines and delays.
  3. 85% Reduction in Shipment Delays: Improved documentation processes led to faster, more reliable shipments.
  4. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Enhanced efficiency and accuracy resulted in fulfilled clients.
  5. Enhanced Scalability and Growth: Streamlined operations enabled EverMove to scale its business and support growth.


By partnering with FOS Desk, EverMove Logistics significantly improved its documentation processes, reducing errors and compliance issues, and enhancing operational efficiency. This collaboration has taken EverMove to find out the complexities of international trade more effectively, ensuring smooth operations and higher customer satisfaction.

If your logistics operations are facing similar challenges, consider partnering with FOS Desk to simplify your documentation processes and enhance your operational success.