Renowalto’s approach towards optimizing complex supply chain operations

Renowalto's approach towards optimizing complex supply chain operations

About Company

Renawalto being the frontline global company, a large link in a multi-country supply chain, is located in the US. It has a supply network spread over 10 different countries. Now, it is high time to employ new approaches and creativity to solve the issues it experienced.

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The Director

Challenges Faced

  • Renewalto’s supply chain went through tough times as the dominant mode of transport was air freight.
  • As airfreight was fast, it was costly too and hence it was not economically viable in the long term.
  • Moreover, the firm’s production with a discontinuous set of production and assembly line needed another mode that is cost-effective and reliable of transport.


Through cooperation between FOS Desk and Rail Transportation Department, a suitably tailored rail transportation solution was created for its special needs. It combined in its turn a balance of flexibility and reliability hence assured a free flow of products from suppliers to production and assembly centers. The key components of the process were that there were set transit times, settled charges for tariffs, and an assigned team who took responsibility for customer support and delivered.


  • The simplicity of the rail transportation solution by FOS Desk is one of the main advantages to the Renawalto Company.
  • The entity managed to save substantial costs by changing the means of transportation from Airfreight to FCL and retained its efficiency.
  • Both procurement and transportation costs have been curtailed by the increased freedom in the selection of suppliers.
  • Moreover, the elimination of safety stock will multiply the criticality of inventory management optimization processes. Indicators of performance such as DIFOT which was over 85% confirms the efficiency of the program.


The Renawalto Company can be an excellent illustration if FOS Desk can successfully contribute to the overall efficiency of global supply chains. The goal of Renawalto Co. is to integrate the rail transport system with its logistic partners and, consequently, to ensure cost savings, process enhancements, and better customer satisfaction. Such an accomplishment indicates the significance of adaptability and strategic foresight when overcoming the challenges of contemporary supply chain management.

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