KAISO’s Progress Through FOS Desk’s Intelligent Document Processing

KAISO's Progress Through FOS Desk's Intelligent Document Processing


KAISO is a dynamic company with a worldwide presence, which is based in Berlin, Germany. KAISO was established in 2018 and within a short period has become the market leader. As more than 100 people live across 22 countries, KAISO is committed to innovation. The quality of service is our top priority. KAISO is now a well-respected player in the global market, providing services to more than 2000 customers in over 170 countries and employing over 170 nationalities. Last year KAISO reported $5.2 mln of income and this figure proves its continuous development.

The team’s dedication to understanding our specific needs was quite impressive. Complicated papers necessitate a very high precision. Even the slightest mistake during recording may lead to major issues. In addition, our clients also consider it a difficult and time-consuming task. The team enabled our customers to make the most of their services, they heard us and they knew our internal processes.

Director of Operations

Challenges Faced

KAISO being the pioneer of the global team management staff faced numerous problems handling increasing numbers of more complicated and varied documents, e.g. payslips and invoices among others. Manual processing introduced a sequence of mistakes that caused delays, a bad mood among team members, and ultimately low customer satisfaction. Efficiency and accuracy of operations were the main concerns that needed urgent attention.


KAISO’s desire for an effective automated solution led them to consider FOS Desk’s modern Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) technology. In the first two weeks of using FOS Desk, this system was smoothly integrated into the KAISO workflow, which transformed the way we work with documents. FOS Desk made a breakthrough with a system that performed data entry in an automatic manner, providing impeccable accuracy and enabling non-technical employees with user-friendly automation tools.


The implementation of FOS Desk yielded transformative outcomes:

  • The near-zero error rate has tremendously improved operational efficiency thus creating an unprecedented level of confidence amongst clients.
  • Due to the platform’s highly advanced capabilities, documents from 170 countries could be processed seamlessly, serving as proof of FOS Desk’s capability in global document management.
  • Automation of complicated procedures released the team members of KAISO in order to switch to the growth strategy.
  • Customer satisfaction at a high level strengthened our position as a leader with  effectiveness and reliability.


Through the adoption of FOS Desk’s IDP solution, KAISO not only solved the document processing issues but they also increased the efficiency of their operations and the level of customer satisfaction which was at an unmatched level. Through the triumph of this partnership, KAISO emphasizes its unchangeable attitude to quality and innovations in the global team management field, and this places it among the trendsetters of the industry.

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