How TayWay Logistics saved costs and eliminated waste through FOS Desk services

How TayWay Logistics saved costs and eliminated waste through FOS Desk services

TayWay Logistics

TayWay Logistics is an industry leader in the power of manufacturing. Based in Africa, it has twelve manufacturing facilities and gets products from over 200 different locations across the country.

Through its wide range of products, it develops, produces, markets, and provides maintenance for engines as well as associated technologies like fuel systems, filtration, emissions control, and electrical power production systems.

The FOS Desk’s cost-cutting and waste-reduction efforts have been very effective. We have made numerous improvements to efficiency and resource utilization across our supply chain operations through strategic planning and collaborative efforts.

Supply Chain Manager

Challenges Faced

  • Our customer has a sophisticated business with suppliers and production sites spread throughout Africa, and final goods headed for several manufacturing facilities in the United States.
  • Shipping from so many locations had proven ineffective. However, there was no chance to maximize volumes because of the way it ran its operations and suppliers.


To satisfy our customers’ expectations, FOS Desk collaborated closely with their suppliers and established pick-up plans based on reverse engineering of sailings and cut-offs.

We have established two ocean consolidation facilities in Africa’s largest container port, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal province, and South Africa’s main seaport, Natal Bay, on the Indian Ocean. We may now collect loose LTL (less-than-truckload) goods from all shippers directly at these sites.

We were subsequently able to turn LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments into FCL (Full Container Load) shipments using these centralized consolidation services, which allowed them to be shipped on direct carrier contracts.

Our team was committed and focused, executing order-level routing instructions and liaising with shipping lines to deliver this.


  • The removal of thousands of distinct LCL shipments and destination files has had a significant impact on the customer’s business as a result of the outcomes.
  • We have successfully decreased DPPM (Defective Parts Per Million) by a considerable amount because of the flawless implementation of our solutions.
  • We have eradicated destination penalties and fines imposed by authorities by integrating compliance across the entire process, utilizing strong work instructions in conjunction with relevant audit procedures.
  • Regular updates and KPI monitoring at every level ensure that the entire solution stays on track.

Want to save costs?

FOS Desk is ready to adapt solutions to your specific needs, utilizing our knowledge to improve your supply chain and remove unnecessary activities. With our strategic approach and collaborative efforts, we will improve your shipping processes, increase productivity, and produce meaningful outcomes for your company.