How FOS Desk contributed to SOLA’s Volume Growth in the context of Global Supply Chain Management

How FOS Desk contributed to SOLA's Volume Growth in the context of Global Supply Chain Management


SOLA is recognized as a leading Logistics service provider of highly customized and environment friendly supply chain management for some of the world’s top brands. Furthermore, SOLA is present in five continents and its 19 locations across the world guarantee a smooth connection to clients by providing regional presence, multi-language customer service and global reporting.

The SOLA company would not have met the traffic volume requirements without FOS Desk and the qualified personnel. 


Challenges Faced

The gradual addition of the new clients and the growing number of clients within the existing clientele created a high volume of small package shipping for SOLA. On the other hand, it was their existing physical conveyance system that lagged behind, causing a slowdown in shipment processing to 30 seconds per package. Accommodating extra shipping stations did not prevent the backlog formation which became a stumbling block to our overall productivity.


The company adopted FOS Desk’s multi-carrier shipping software which was able to efficiently interface with the freight forwarding ERP for the first time ever. The software was installed at every shipping workstation with the goal of replicating prior interface and requiring minimum user training time.


  • SOLA processed over 1. FOS Desk has been handling 50 million packages in just the first seven months of its operation.
  • Shipped over 40,000 packages in a single day, a complete turnaround from the previous maximum of only 8,000.
  • Shipping time was reduced from about 30 seconds to almost 4 seconds per package.
  • The average throughput is 10,000 shipments per day, breaking the previous record of 8,000.
  • This fantastic increase in productivity and efficiency reveals the key role played by the FOS Desk in enabling SOLA to expand with the growing order numbers and to meet their customer needs which develop now and then.


As a result of the cooperation between SOLA and the FOS Desk, outstanding results have been achieved in terms of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s supply chain processes. The multi-carrier shipping software from FOS Desk has completely transformed SOLA’s operations by resolving the problems of increasing shipment volumes and handling times and making it possible for them to meet the needs of their burgeoning customer base.

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