FOS Desk extends Custom TMS and Freight Management Solutions to Pawloo, offering Industrial Distributors Full Supply Chain Visibility

FOS Desk extends Custom TMS and Freight Management Solutions to Pawloo, offering Industrial Distributors Full Supply Chain Visibility


Pawloo is a U.S.-based logistics firm that focuses on the coordination of the transition of products and utilities from one place to another. It covers all aspects of the supply chain such as transportation, storage, inventory management, and distribution. It has branches in Brazil and Russia as well and it is the backbone that ensures the good flow of commodities, optimizing routes, minimizing cost, and meeting customers’ requirements.

Our unique web portal is a direct link between the client’s own WMS for domestic, international, parcel, and freight processing. The primary strength of the FOS Freight audit and payment solution is that it grants the client full invoice visibility with business intelligence reporting.

Inventory Officer

Challenges Faced

Concerning Pawloo and its global industrial distribution business that brings manufacturers to a new level, it involves a third-party logistics provider who will optimize outbound multi-modal shipping, improve inbound vendor routing compliance, and provide a picture of the complete supply chain invoices to reduce the cost.


  • Following a detailed evaluation and considering various aspects, Pawloo decided to go with FOS Desk for its well-developed, customized technology, knowledgeable multi-modal transportation management system, and cultural compatibility.
  • The FOS Desk’s dedicated team of solutions immediately began a dialogue with the Pawloo to assess its general needs through meetings, visits, and other such ways.
  • Working closely with the organization’s internal development team, the FOS Desk technology wing came up with its own cloud-based CargoWise ERP system as a customized solution.
  • Such a customized TMS equipped with barcode scanners would enable quick scanning, and weighing, of both parcel and freight orders, route selection based on either cost or customer choice, and automatic printing of all the related information.
  • FOS Desk’s international team collaborated with the client to determine the appropriate HS codes that can be used for its imported and exported goods and establish more efficient international shipping standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Also, our FOS Desk established an operational routing center to assist client vendors with the efficient routing of shipments arriving at the plants they operate.
  • Last but not least, the FOS Desk came up with a freight audit solutions process. Through it, the client could manage contracts and rates, file carrier disputes, and the business intelligence provided across all the client’s supply chain modes.


Now the company can devote all its attention to its core business, with transport and logistics almost not entering the picture, Pawloo keeps flashing its record year-over-year sales and profitability results. This allowed FOS Desk to leverage invoice aggregation, which was a product of the freight audit and payment process, and also successfully renegotiated contracts with major carriers to provide the client with viable and affordable parcel and LTL (Less Than Truckload) freight shipment options.

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