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What is tracking in logistics and how do you implement it?

What is tracking in logistics and how do you implement it?

Both the importer and exporter during a shipment in international trade would like to know the exact location of the goods from start to finish.

Earlier, we didn’t have any technology to track the shipment.

Obviously, the importers and exporters were worried about the status of their freight. However, now we have advanced technology to track the exact location of your freight.

I hope the freight forwarders are relaxed since they know every movement about their shipment.

What is tracking?

Tracking is the process of monitoring mail, packages, and freight. It is also known as “track and trace.”

Tracking information, which shows the milestones that a shipment has passed from the starting point to the destination, can be used to determine the status of a freight shipment or any other delivery.

What is the purpose of tracking?

A tracking system’s purpose is to determine the location or path of a destination on a near-continuous basis.

An ideal tracking system would remain in touch with the destination and constantly update the details of the shipment.

How can tracking be helped?

This tracking helps to maintain transparency during the transportation process, and it also creates more opportunities to optimize the complex supply chain process.

Different fields of tracking

The word “tracking” is used in various fields like science and technology, arts and entertainment, sports, and others.

Our topic is logistics, which falls under the field of science and technology. Also, various categories of science and technology do exist, such as computing, life sciences, and logistics.

In the logistics field, we have different types of tracking, like flight tracking, package tracking, track and trace, vehicle tracking, etc.

Flight tracking

It involves airport tracking and aircraft authority tracking using the respective software.

It uses real-time GPS data to assist flight dispatchers and operators in visualizing their current flights.

Package tracking

It was adapted historically because it provided customers with details about a package’s route as well as the expected date and time of shipment.

This was significant because the postal service frequently employs multiple carriers in varying environmental conditions, increasing the possibility of mail loss.

Trace and track

It is a method of figuring out the shipment’s present position and previous locations while including additional details.

Vehicle tracking

It is a computer application used by transportation companies to track the location of trucks and other vehicles.

How does logistics tracking work?

Logistic tracking systems work with the help of technology. There are three main types of technology they are,

  1. Global positioning system (GPS)
  2. Radiofrequency identification (RFID)
  3. On board diagnosis (OBD)

All the above technologies have their functionality.

Global positioning system (GPS)

It is a network of satellites that broadcast radio navigation signals, along with a network of ground stations and satellite control stations for management and surveillance.

The role of GPS is to improve the logistics company’s operational level and vehicle monitoring capability, thereby increasing its competitiveness.

Radio frequency identification (RFID)

It is a technique that employs radio waves to passively identify labeled objects.

It is used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications, ranging from tracking items along a supply chain to keeping track of items checked out of a library.

On board diagnosis(OBD)

It is a computer system installed inside a vehicle that monitors and controls the vehicle’s performance.

This onboard computer system collects data from the vehicle’s network of sensors, which it then uses to regulate car systems or alert the user to problems.

With the above technologies, tracking works, and radio frequency identification (RFID) maintains the control and tracking of goods.

On the bottom

Tracking is essential in logistics for both importers and exporters.

People who work in international trade will look for tracking services so they don’t have to contact shipping companies to find out where their shipment is.

It also shows the transparency of international trade. Transparency will always improve the trustworthiness of the company.

I hope that the above information has provided you with knowledge about tracking. If you have any concerns about tracking, we have people with hands-on experience in the same.

We can clear all your queries in a short time.